Podcasting stats

The first thing you'll see when viewing your podcast's stats are your total downloads, across all episodes, and your most popular episode.

Underneath, you can choose to view the downloads through podcasting apps, plays when embedded on the web, and completed plays when embedded on the web. We'll display the top 5 episodes in this graph.

Episode breakdown

This tab contains a more detailed view of each of your episodes. Each one will be listed, and you can see how many downloads each one has had, how many plays on the web it has had, and how many completed plays on the web it's had.

Stats for each episode

You'll notice a drop-down box underneath 'Episode breakdown'. This contains all of your episodes, and you can choose one of them. Once you do this, you'll see a series of tabs appear underneath the list. You can click on these to view more detailed stats for that particular episode as part of your podcast.