How do I record my Skype calls?


Windows users can easily record any sound that comes out of your computer speakers, including Skype calls. To turn this on, click on the File menu, and click Settings.

From there, check the box at the bottom that says 'Record system audio', and click 'Save'.

From now on, whenever you record inside Audello, any sound coming out of your speakers will be captured too. This means that you can record a Skype call, or perhaps listen to a video and record yourself speaking over the top of it.


On Mac, you can easily record your Skype calls. To do this, open up Skype. Then open Audello. The first time you do this, a little box will pop up asking if you want to give Audello permission to access Skype. You must choose yes, and we strongly advise you check the box to grant permanent access.

Once you've done this, just call someone on Skype as normal, and start recording. Audello will detect that you're in a Skype call and will automatically include the other person in the recording!

Pro-tip: We strongly advise that you use a headset when recording Skype calls. If you don't, you may get feedback or echoes where your mic picks up the other person's voice coming back out of your speakers! With a headset or earphones, this problem is eliminated.

Known Skype issues (Mac only)

The latest version of Skype - version 7.0 - launched just a few days before us. In this, Skype have changed how third-party apps integrate and this has caused problems for us and other call recorders. We are working hard on getting this fixed within the next week, and until then, you can always use an older version of Skype.

If you try to record a call from your Mac to Skype on iPhone, or a landline or cell phone using your Skype credit, it cannot be captured. This is a limitation of Skype and we are working with them to combat this!

For Skype recording to work, you must have at least Skype version 6.18.