Statistics for your files

One of Audello's most powerful features is the detailed stats area. You can see everything from where your listeners are to how much of your file they're actually engaged and listening to!

Your stats can relate to one of three areas, and we'll cover each of these below. You can access them either from the Stats link at the top of the web app, or the icon or button in each section.

Stats for files

The big graph on the first page is the most recent week of your file's plays, completed plays, and podcast downloads. Plays and completed plays are tracked when people listen to your file as it's embedded on your websites, and podcast downloads are how many times people have listened to it through podcasting apps such as iTunes or Stitcher.

You can change the tab down the left-hand side to view different information.


The Breakdown page lists where your players are embedded, which is great to see how many plays and completed plays each of your sites are getting.

The 'Embedded player breakdown' tab shows you your plays from when your file is included as part of a playlist or split test. You can get much more detailed info about a split test from the relevant section.

The 'Podcasting apps' breaks down exactly what podcasting clients your listeners are using.


The Engagement tab shows the heatmap for your file - you can see exactly what parts of your file are being listened to, and what parts people are skipping over or losing interest at.

You can also see your average drop off time, which is where most people stop listening to your file, see where your listeners are coming from in the world, and how many times your file has been shared (if these features are activated on the player bar).


In Interactions, you can see how your file's Events are performing. When you embed your player on your website, or on a page built with Audello, your Events will be displayed and here you can see how many times each one has been viewed or interacted with.

In the case of a button, clicking on it counts as an interaction. In the case of a Gateway, an interaction is counted when people pass through it, either by sharing or entering the password.


The Compare tab lets you compare two files, side-by-side. You can see a graph comparing their plays, completed plays and podcast downloads. And under this, you can see their two heatmaps to compare how engaged your listeners are throughout each file.