Sharing your audio

How does sharing work?

Audello uses the sharing that you have configured with your iPhone. So if you don't have Facebook or Twitter installed and set up, those options won't show for you.

Tap the green 'Share' button to bring up a menu, where you can share via one of the available options.

You can share via Facebook, Twitter, SMS/text message, email, or you can copy the URL to your audio file which you can paste in to any other app!

Can I share a file I've already uploaded?

Yes! To do this, tap on the 'Recent files' button at the bottom of the screen and find your recording in the list. Tap it, and then you'll be shown the screen from which you can share this recording again.

If it's not there, you'll need to access the Audello web app on your computer, and you can share the file from there.