Adding to a podcast

Adding a recording to your podcast

After you have stopped recording, you can tap on the 'Assign to...' button to bring up a little menu. This will display a list of your podcasts, playlists and split tests.

You can assign this recording to any of these simply by tapping on them, but if you want to make it an episode for a podcast, there's one extra step.

As soon as you tap on a podcast, it will prompt you to confirm that's what you meant. If yes, you'll need to fill in a little information about the file which will be used as the podcast's metadata.

  1. Episode name: This can be a more friendly name for the file. You may call the file 'ep01 - 1stpodcast', but enter an episode name such as 'Episode 01: My first ever podcast!'
  2. Keywords: Enter comma-separated keywords for this particular episode
  3. Description: Enter a brief description of what this particular episode covers
  4. Publish on: Here you can choose a date on which to publish this episode. Leave it as today to publish it immediately, or choose a day in the future to release it then

Take care when entering these details, and then tap on 'Assign to my podcast'. Then when you upload the file, all of this data will be sent through to Audello and this new recording will be added to your chosen podcast.

What if I change my mind?

If you decide you don't want to assign to a podcast, you can tap on the 'Assign' button again, and then tap the X in the top-right of the menu that appears. This will cancel the assignment, and your file won't be added.

Can I edit the metadata?

If you accidentally hit 'Assign to my podcast' and you want to go back and edit one of those fields, all you need to do is tap on the purple 'Assigned to podcast' button. Then tap on the name of the podcast you already chose. Again it will prompt you to confirm, and then it will bring up those fields again with your previous information filled out. You can edit it from there!