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Supercharging Users

Posted on Monday 01st of December 2014

Hi there everyone! Today we're really excited to announce our first major update to Audello - we've supercharged user permissions.

If you're a Commercial license holder, you'll know that you can give access to your account to users - these can be clients for whom you manage podcasts and audio, or they could be virtual assistants who help you out, or just members of your team!

Well you can now fine-tune their permissions and restrict them to only being able to have access to specific podcasts, playlist or split tests.

Just head to the Settings page, click on User Accounts, and create or edit your first user today. You'll see the checkboxes appear to allow certain items as you enable the section they relate to. It couldn't be simpler!

Why would I have user accounts?

We created the ability to add user accounts for commercial customers who are either managing a team or providing services to clients. You can give your team members access and allow them to handle your podcast for you, saving you time, but stop them from listening to files you might not want them to have.

You could even give clients access and allow them to manage their own podcast through our system - you can ensure that they can only access their own files and not anyone else's.

Thanks very much for all the great feedback and we really hope this upgrade helps you manage your clients and team more effectively!

Josh Bartlett
& the Audello team